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ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) THERAPY

Intensive 1:1 ABA therapy is currently the gold - standard for the treatment of children on the autism spectrum.

ABA- or Applied Behavior Analysis- is an educational strategy through which skills, appropriate behaviors, and academic goals are taught using reinforcement and task analysis.

ABA aims to increase ,maintain &/or generalize targeted positive behaviors. and reduce or eliminate inappropriate or non –adaptive behaviors and it may cover a variety of developmental areas specific to the child’s development it includes:

Behaviour modification( i.e; reducing maladaptive behaviours like aggression, self injury, anxiety, depression)
Reduce hyper activity,
Improve attention span,
Gross and fine motor skills,
Academic and cognitive skills,
Social, communication, and language skills
Adaptive living skills (eating and food preparation, toileting, dressing, personal care, domestic skills, time and punctuality, money and value, and work skills.)

1:1 means that this program is taught with one therapist and one child. Each child’s program is unique to their needs.

The purpose of 1:1 therapy is to help a child focus on skills that they are unable to grasp in a group setting, or to prepare them for working successfully in a group setting. A1:1 program is beneficial for a child who is not yet ready for group instruction, or is at a level either below- or above- his or her peer group and needs dedicated instruction.

There is a direct correlation between the number of therapy hours to rate of the child’s progress. Simply put, the more ABA the child receives the better his or her chances for bridging the social, developmental, and functional gaps between themselves and their peers.
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