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What is dysarthria?

It is a group of speech problem caused by damage to the nervous system following a stroke, traumatic injury, brain tumour or brain tumor. Dysarthric speech is characterized by;

Slurred speech

Hoarse, strained or breathy voice.

Chewing and swallowing difficulty.

Drooling or poor control of saliva

Speak softly in a wishper

Limited tongue ,lip and jaw movement

Abnormal intonation.

Extremely Slow and almost inaudible.

What treatment is Available For People with Dysarthria?
Treatment depends on the cause, type, and severity of the symptoms. An SLP work with the individual to improve communication abilities. Possible goal of the treatment may be:

Reduce drooling .

Strengthening muscles

Increase tongue, lip and jaw movement.

Improve the breath support.

Improve Articulation.

Improve swallowing and chewing.
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