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What is Misauticulation (Tutlana):

Misarticulation is a speech disorder in which an individual substitute, omit, add or distort speech sounds as result make the speech unintelligible.

Substitution of sounds: Eg: / tala/ for / kala/, /haakhi/ for /haathi/ ,/naat/ for /naak/ and so on

Omission of sounds: Eg: /paya/ for /papaya/, /oli/ for /goli/

Addition of sounds:
Eg: /iskool/ for /school/, /parak/ for /park/

What Causes Misarticulation?
It may be attributed to hearing loss, neurological disorders physical impairements such as cleft lip or palate, oral-motor problem, or difficulty with placement of articulators, faulty learning habits, however the cause of the disorder is often unknown.

What Treatments Are Available?
Speech language pathologists (Speech therapists) provide assessment and treatment to correct the error in speech sound production.

At my centre I evaluate the person with misarticulation to find his exact articulation error by administrating ‘Photo Articulation Test’.

Treatment procedure involves:
1. Demonstrating how to produce the sound correctly, using phonetic placement method,

2. Recognizing which sound is correct and incorrect (ie ear training)

3. Producing correct sounds words (Articulation Drill).

4. Generalization of the speech in different speaking situations.
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