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Mainstream Preparation is the structured teaching of those skills that child needs specifically for successful integration into a mainstream educational environment.

Once the child is integrated into the main stream we train the child academically so that he/she could go parallel with his/her classmates.
It includes:

Waiting: Waiting can be an important- as well as difficult- skill for children on the autism spectrum to master. In a mainstream school setting, they will need to use waiting skills throughout their day- in line, in the playground, in class, in the cafeteria. The ability to delay gratification makes the difference between standing nicely in line and having a meltdown.

Compliance in a group setting: In a one-on-one setting, your child may easily recognize and comply with directions given by their teacher. The next step is for your child to recognize and follow directions given to a group of children.

Task completion: Teachers in primary classes often handle between 15 to 30 children, which means the amount of time he or she can dedicate to your child can be quite limited. Your child needs to learn how to understand and complete tasks as independently as possible.

Age Appropriate Self-care: Independence in eating and toileting are crucial to a child’s admission to mainstream school. Many schools will not accept a child in diapers, nor will they provide an assistant to feed your child at lunch if he or she does not eat independently. Prepare your child beforehand by making sure he can express and begin to fulfil his own most basic needs independently is he cannot already.

Every child has different needs when it comes their mainstream readiness, but regardless of what they are, your child will benefit from having a safe environment and a professionally trained staff to help him or her develop and practice these skill before their mastery tested in the real world.
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