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What is a speech language delay ?

A speech disorder of children in which the levels of intelligibility, vocabulary, complexity of utterance, etc., are significantly below the levels considered standard for a particular age.

What is a language delay?
A language delay is when children have trouble:
saying first words or learning words
putting words together to make sentences
building their vocabulary
understanding words or sentences.

Children with speech disorders do not necessarily have a language delay, but they can have both.

Causes of speech and language delay:

Language delays in children are associated with disorders such as:

1. Hearing Impairement
2. Autism
3. Downs Syndrome
5. Learning Disability.
6. Mental retardation
7. Cleft lip and palate
8. Cerebral Palsy.

Where to get help?

Speech pathologists

A speech pathologist will assess your child’s understanding and use of language, and will suggest one-on-one therapy session where the child participate in speech and language activities.
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