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My sister Shirina (5 years) was diagnosed with autism at 3 years of age. We started therapy at A YUSH when she was 3 and half years old. Before therapy she was very hyperactive, she used to scream (without any reason) and run around here and there through out the day. It was very difficult to calm her down. She couldn’t understand any emotion or language, she couldn’t follow our command, she couldn’t play with toys or other children. she didn’t like her hair to be cut, and water to be poured over her head, she didn’t like to wear sleepers/shoes. Taking her out to a social function or to market was very difficult for us to imagine. A minor change in her schedule was very frustrating to her. She was in diaper as she couldn’t indicate toilet/potty. She was very impatient .After 6 months of one-on-one therapy at AYUSH we were able to enroll her in the play group, after another 6 months of therapy she was enrolled in LKG in a normal school. After passing LKG with 89% marks she is now doing well in UKG. Now she follows all our commands, now its easier for the barber to cut her hair. Now she expresses her needs and feelings in sentences, she pleases everyone with her lovely smile. Now our diwali becomes more bright seeing her playing with the crackers and holi becomes more colourful seeing her playing with the colours and pichkari. It feels so good to see her dancing and singing. Now she surprises her physician waiting for her turn outside his chamber and explaining her complaint in her own words. The child that we have today is totally different from the child that we had 2 years back.

We are thankful to Neelam mam for changing our lives bringing all these changes in her. The patience she has to deal with the impatient child like ours is really appreciable.

We are looking forward to more help so that her skills (specially writing in a proper formation) improve even more.


Shirina’s sister

South city (Ludhiana)
Armaan has been under going speech therapy at AYUSH Speech Therapy Centre for last one year. Before starting therapy he was not able to express himself beyond few words like mumma ,papa. He was very restless and was unable to concentrate and focus on work. His gross and fine motor skills were very poor, he couldn’t even hold a pencil. He was not interested in playing and talking with other children.

After one year of continous one –on –one therapy at AYUSH now he can speak and understand just like other children. He has become less irritable, can concentrate more, can eat hs food by himself. He attends normal school and as per his class teacher his behavior is good, and now plays and talks with his classmates. His gross and fine motors skills have improved a lot. He can now write and does his home work regularly with interest. He can now do catching, throwing, bating, jumping, sliding, climbing and other physical activities. His school teachers, relatives, and friends have also observed a remarkable improvement in him.

And all these have been possible by sincere and regular hard work of madam Neelam.

Mrs. Amandeep Kour

(Armaan’s mother)

Our son Ayush aged 5 years has dyslexia. Before joining AYUSH, his speech was not intelligible, he couldn’t understand questions of others, he had poor grip and couldn’t write. ’He doesn’t write any thing’ was the only point his class teacher had to discuss with us on every parent teacher meeting. He could only write 1and 2 but he used to write 2 in reverse direction. He could not differentiate between p and q ,b and d, short and long vowels of Hindi. He knew counting up to 20 but it was not clear. After 6 months of therapy at AYUSH, his academic skill both in terms of oral and written has improved remarkably. Now visual and auditory perception has improved significantly.

Mrs. Arti Singh

(mother of Ayush)

Our son Gurmanpreet was not able to speak till the age of three. Assuming that everything except his speech is normal we enrolled him in a play school. After a week teacher called us and refused to teach Gurman saying that he is very restless, he doesn’t sit at his place, he doesn’t look at us when he is speak to, he doesn’t follow us, he bangs his head on the floor, he disturbs other children too. So we decided to consult a Doctor. Doctor prescribed us some medicine and we continued that medicine for a year but we didn’t notice any change. So we again decided to visit some other doctor, luckily this time we happen to meet a speech therapist and after a thorough evaluation we came to know that our son is autistic and he is lagging in many areas which we didn’t know about. By the time we started therapy at AYUSH he was 4 and half. After 6 months of one-on-one therapy at AYUSH we see lots of changes in Gurman. His sitting, eye contact, waiting skill, visual perception is now very good. He now responds to his name call, follows our commands .He doesn’t like to wear diaper any more, he’s started indicating toilet. He has developed communication intent. He understands emotions, travelling in a bus or auto with him is now more comfortable. We are happy with his progress and we are hopeful that he will be able to speak and reach the mainstream very soon.

Neelam ma’m is very honest, hard working and has good patience. She is very responsible and accountable towards her work. She is very punctual, straight forward and works with positive attitude.

We thank her for helping our son overcoming his disabilities.

Mrs .Jaswinder Kour

(Gurman’s mother)

Samrala Chouk (Ludhiana)

Mere bête ka naam Nitin hai,wo ab 5 saal ka hai.nitin jab 3 saal ka tha tab humne use school me daala, magar school waalon ne use nikaal diya kyonki wo bolta nhin tha our wo chikhhen maarta tha jisse baki bacche disturb ho jate the. fir humne use doctor ko dikhaya, humne 2 saal tak Nitin ko dawai khilai par use koi fark nazar nhin aaya.kisi se hume speech therapy ke bare me pata chla to humne speech therapist ko consult kiya our tab hume pata chala ki Nitin ko autism hai.

5 saal tak Nitin apni hi duniya me raha.wo humse bilkul nhin bolta tha.aawaz dene par ,ya use baat krne par bhi wo koi response nhin deta tha.Wo tik ke bethta bhi nhi tha.Kisi bache ke saath khelta bhi nhin tha,use khilouno me bhi koi interest nahin tha.wo bahut ziddi tha , zid puri na hone par wo chikhen maarta tha,hkud ko kaat-ta tha,our apna sir zameen par patakta tha.Use sirf phone se lagaw tha our wo use har waqt chahiye tha.Phone n milne par wo jo cheez saamne aaya use tod deta tha.use book pad ke sunaati thi to usme interest bilkul nhin leta tha.TV pe cartoon bhi nahin dekhta tha.bheed bhaad wali jagah pe jaane se katrata tha.

AYUSH me sirf 2 months ki therapy ke baad Nitin me bahut badlao aaya hai.Ab wo tik ke baithta hai,khilounon se khelta hai.hamari baton par dhyaan deta hai..hum jo sikhate hain wo sikhta hai.Books padne me interest leta hai.TV bhi dekhne laga hai.Ab phone ke liye zyada zidd nhi krta.ab wo apne aap ko kabhi kabar hi maarta hai.Ab wo kafi bolne laga hai.ab use 2 poem bhi aati hai.humse bolta hai our eye contact bhi karta hai.jis rafter se usme improvement aa rahi hai,hume lagta hai bus ab kuchh hi mahino me Nitin school bhi jane lagega.

Mrs. Manisha

(Nitin’s mother)

Nava Sahar
Meri beti Doll 15 saal ki hai.jab wo 3-4 saal kit hi tab hume pata chala ki Doll ko autism hai.Humne kuchh din iski therapy bhi krwaayi magar fir do our bachhon ki dekhbhaal krni thi isliye Doll ki therapy continue nahin ka payi. jab Doll 10 saal hi hui tab tak wo kuchh bhi nahin bolti thi our na apna koi kaam (nahaana,dhona,khana,kapde pehenha,brush krna,comb krna) kar pati thi.Isliye humne use special school me daalne ka socha.par kyonki woe k jagah tik ke nahin bethti thi our chikhti chillati thi to special school walon ne bhi hume jawab de diya. Ab Doll 15 saal ki hai.Hum 6 mahine se AYUSH me therapy karwa rahen hai magar pariwaar walon ko isme koi change nahin nazar aata.Jab main yahaan our bachhon ko theek hote dekhti hun to lagta hai kaash maine bhi iski therapy zaari rakhi hoti to shayad Doll bhi thik ho gayi hoti.Therapy se Doll me bahut zyada changes nahin aaya hai magar Neelam Mam ne ise accept kiya our lagan se iske peechhe mehnat karti hai isse mujhe khushi milti hai.


(Doll’s mother)

Dareshi ground (Ludhiana)
Meri beti bolti nahi thi .Khelne bhejo to sabse alag rahti thi.Family mein bhi sabse alag dusre room mein rahti thi.4 saal ki umar me humne uska check up kerwaya to mujhe pata chala meri beti Aakriti dushre normal bachoo k jaise nahi hai. Wo autistic hai.

Uske baad main Aakrit ko Dr. NEELAM ke pass speech therapy karane lagi.

Scoial Development K liye School mein admission kerwaya. Doctor ke bataye anushar exercises regularly kerwaye aur aaj bhi exercises regularly kerwa rahi hoon, School K Principal se lekar teachers tak sabne mera support kiya (daughter is very lucky for getting such a team as in many cases schools do not like to take admission of autistic child because they believe that autistic child is an abnormal (mental) child). doctors mujhe bole school mein ye achha result nahi degi so jayda umeed mat rakna per AAKRITI LKG MEIN 75% MARKS SE PASS hue.

Sabse badi baat main ne patience aur himmat nahi haari kyunki ye jan ker sadma mughe bhi laga per uske baad maine socha ki AAKRITI ko her haal mein thik kerna hai so issleye strong banu.

Acheivement of Aakriti:-

Aaj Aakriti mein itna improvement hai ke ushe apna Holiday Homework ker ne k liye1st Prize Mila.

Class test mein Full Marks aur Double Stars mila.

Aakriti ka conversation suru ho gaya hai ,Aakriti sentence me baat kerne lagi hai.

Aakriti apne chhote brother ko padhathi bhi hai.

Aakriti aaj colouring, drawing, writing,recognition aashani se ker sakthi hai

Aaj ke date mein Aakriti apne achievement se mujhe garv masoosh ka

arati hai.Aaj main poore vishwas se bol sakte hoon ke Autism Is Cureable.

Mrs. Ashwini Kumar

(Aakriti’s mother)

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